Reviving Takoyaki Perfection: Unleash the Best Reheating Techniques!

How to Reheat Takoyaki: A Step-by-Step Guide


Takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food delicacy, is a delightful snack loved by many. These delectable octopus-filled balls are best enjoyed fresh off the grill but can also be reheated for later consumption. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of reheating takoyaki while preserving their crispy exterior and gooey interior.

Gather Your Ingredients and Equipment

Before diving into the reheating process, make sure you have the following:

  • Frozen or refrigerated takoyaki
  • A microwave-safe plate or container with a lid (if using a microwave)
  • A non-stick frying pan or skillet with a lid (if using stovetop)
  • A pair of tongs or chopsticks for handling takoyaki
  • Sauce and toppings (optional) for serving

The Microwave Method: Quick and Convenient!

If you’re looking for speed and convenience, reheating takoyaki in the microwave is your best option. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare the Takoyaki

If your takoyaki is frozen, let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight before reheating. If it’s already refrigerated, proceed to step two.

2. Place on Microwave-Safe Plate/Container

Arrange your desired amount of takoyaki on a microwave-safe plate or container. Make sure they are evenly spaced apart so that they heat up uniformly.

3. Cover and Microwave

Place a microwave-safe lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap over the takoyaki to retain moisture during reheating. Set your microwave to medium power and heat for about 1-2 minutes. Adjust the time according to your microwave’s power, as you want the takoyaki heated through without becoming overly hot.

4. Check and Enjoy!

Carefully remove the plate/container from the microwave using oven mitts or a towel, as it may be hot. Uncover and check if the takoyaki is thoroughly heated by inserting a toothpick into one of them; it should come out warm. If needed, return them to the microwave for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute until fully reheated.

The Stovetop Method: Perfectly Reheated with a Crispy Exterior

If you prefer that coveted crispy exterior texture when reheating your takoyaki, using a stovetop is ideal:

1. Prepare Your Takoyaki

As with microwaving, defrost frozen takoyaki in advance if needed.

2. Heat Up Your Frying Pan/Skillet

Place your non-stick frying pan or skillet on medium-low heat until it becomes adequately hot.

3. Place Takoyaki in Pan and Cover

Gently place your refrigerated or thawed takoyaki onto the hot pan while ensuring they are evenly spaced apart for even cooking. Cover with a lid to trap steam and distribute heat efficiently.

5.Cook Until Crispy

6. Serve and Enjoy!

Using tongs or chopsticks, transfer the reheated takoyaki onto serving plates. Drizzle with your favorite sauce(s) – traditional takoyaki sauce or mayonnaise are popular choices – and sprinkle toppings like bonito flakes or green onions for added flavor and visual appeal. Now it’s time to dig in!


Takoyaki can be just as delicious when reheated if you follow these simple steps using either the microwave or stovetop method. Whether you’re enjoying leftover takoyaki from a previous meal or trying to savor that authentic taste at home, reheating allows you to enjoy this delightful snack without compromising its unique flavors and textures. So go ahead and give it a try!

Remember: fresh is always best, but when life gets busy, knowing how to reheat takoyaki properly ensures that every bite is still an enjoyable experience!

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