Reheating Fish and Chips in the Microwave like a Pro!

How to Reheat Fish and Chips in the Microwave


If you’re a fan of fish and chips, you know how delicious they can be when freshly cooked. However, if you have leftovers that need reheating, using a microwave might seem like a challenge. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps on how to reheat your beloved fish and chips in the microwave while maintaining their crispy texture and delightful flavors.

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting the reheating process, make sure you have these supplies ready:

The Reheating Process

Step 1: Preparation is Key!

To ensure successful reheating without compromising taste and quality, follow these preliminary steps:

  1. Safety first: Wash your hands thoroughly before handling food.
  2. Fish fillets: Remove any extra condiments such as tartar sauce or lemon slices from your fish fillets. Placing them separately avoids making them soggy during reheating.
  3. Potatoes/chips: Place your French fries or potato wedges on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. This step helps maintain their crispiness throughout the reheating process.

Step 2: Proper Arrangement is Key!

  1. Distribution matters:In order to achieve even reheating, it’s essential to arrange your fish and chips in a single layer on the microwave-safe plate or dish. Crowding may lead to uneven heating and sogginess.
  2. Cover or not: If you prefer your fish and chips crispy, use a paper towel as cover during reheating; this helps absorb moisture. Alternatively, use a microwave-safe cover if you wish to retain more steam for moistness.

Step 3: The Reheating Process

Now that everything is prepared, it’s time to reheat your fish and chips using the following steps:

  1. Microwave settings: Set your microwave at medium power level (50-60%) for optimal results. Reheating at high power may cause them to become rubbery or overcooked.
  2. Fish fillets: Place the fish fillets on one side of the plate and heat for approximately 30 seconds per fillet. Flip them halfway through for even heating.
  3. Potatoes/chips: Place the potatoes beside the fish fillets on the other side of the plate. Heat them for about 30-45 seconds initially, flipping them once midway through. Repeat this process until they reach desired crispness without becoming overly dry or burnt (typically two repetitions).

Serving Suggestions

Your beautifully reheated fish and chips are now ready! Consider these serving suggestions when enjoying your scrumptious meal:

  • Garnish with fresh herbs like parsley or dill for an extra touch of flavor.
  • Serve alongside traditional accompaniments such as malt vinegar, tartar sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise.
  • Pair with a refreshing salad or coleslaw to add some crunch and balance out the flavors.


Reheating fish and chips in the microwave doesn’t have to result in a disappointing meal. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your leftovers with minimal effort while still retaining their delicious taste and satisfying texture. Say goodbye to soggy reheated meals and hello to mouthwatering microwaved fish and chips!

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