Reheating Crab Legs in the Microwave Like a Pro!

How to Reheat Crab Legs in the Microwave


Crab legs are a delicious and popular seafood option, but what do you do when you have leftovers? Reheating crab legs can be a bit tricky, as overcooking them may result in rubbery and chewy meat. However, fear not! In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps to reheat your delectable crab legs using just your trusty microwave.

Step-by-Step Guide for Reheating Crab Legs in the Microwave

1. Gather Your Ingredients and Equipment

Before diving into reheating your crab legs, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients at hand: leftover crab legs (preferably thawed if previously frozen), a microwave-safe dish with a lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap, lemon wedges (optional), butter (optional), and seafood seasoning (optional).

2. Prepare Your Crab Legs for Microwaving

Start by removing any packaging from your leftover crab legs. If they were refrigerated overnight, allow them to come to room temperature before microwaving; this will ensure even heating throughout.

3. Place Your Crab Legs in the Microwave-Safe Dish

Arrange your crab legs neatly inside the chosen microwave-safe dish. To prevent overcrowding that may lead to uneven reheating results, it’s best to divide larger clusters of crab legs into smaller portions.

4. Add Moisture for Optimal Results

To maintain moisture during reheating and enhance flavors, add a tablespoon or two of water or broth into the dish containing your crab legs. This added moisture will create steam that helps prevent dryness while preserving tenderness.


Adding lemon wedges, butter, or seafood seasoning at this stage can infuse additional flavors into your crab legs. Feel free to experiment and find what suits your taste preferences.

5. Cover the Dish

Covering the dish with a microwave-safe lid or using microwave-safe plastic wrap is essential for trapping steam, promoting even reheating, and preventing any unwanted mess inside your microwave.

6. Set the Microwave

Now that everything is ready to go, place the covered dish of crab legs in the microwave. Set it on medium power (around 50-60%) to avoid uneven heating or overcooking due to high temperatures.


Microwaves vary in power levels, so you may need to adjust cooking times accordingly based on your specific appliance.

7. Reheat Gradually

Start reheating by setting the timer for one minute intervals initially. This gradual approach helps prevent overheating and ensures that you have control over achieving optimal results.


In between each interval, check if your crab legs are heated through as desired before continuing with another round of microwaving.

Additional Tips for Perfectly Reheated Crab Legs

Avoid Overcooking

When reheating crab legs in a microwave oven, it’s crucial not to exceed recommended time intervals as they can quickly become overcooked and lose their tenderness.

Keep an Eye Out for Hot Spots

During microwaving intervals, rotating or turning smaller clusters of crab legs will help ensure even heating throughout. Be cautious when removing hot dishes from the microwave by using heat-resistant gloves or mitts.


Reheating leftover crab legs in the microwave is an efficient and convenient way to enjoy this delectable seafood. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can savor tender crab meat that retains its original flavors. Remember, adjusting cooking times according to your microwave’s power level is essential for achieving perfect results. So go ahead, reheat those crab legs with confidence, and relish every bite!

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