Quick and Easy Tips: How to Reheat a Burrito in the Microwave

How to Reheat a Burrito in the Microwave: A Quick and Easy Guide

The Convenience of Microwaving Leftover Burritos

Microwaves have become an essential kitchen appliance, making reheating leftovers a breeze. When it comes to your beloved burrito, reheating it in the microwave can retain its delicious flavors while saving you time and effort. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to reheat a burrito using your trusty microwave.

Gather Your Essential Tools

Before diving into the reheating process, make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach:

1. Microwave-safe plate
2. Paper towel or microwave-safe cover
3. Fork or tongs

Having these tools handy will ensure a smooth and efficient reheating experience.

Preparation is Key

To achieve optimal results when microwaving your burrito, follow these simple preparation steps:

1. Unwrap your refrigerated or frozen burrito.
2. Place it on a clean microwave-safe plate.


If your burrito has any toppings like salsa or sour cream that could easily spill out during heating, consider folding one end of the tortilla over slightly to prevent leakage.

Covering for Moisture Retention

To keep your burrito moist during microwaving, cover it with either a damp paper towel or use a suitable microwave-safe cover such as plastic wrap or an overturned bowl.


By keeping moisture sealed inside during reheating, you can avoid ending up with dry and tough tortillas.

Microwave Settings: Time and Power Level

Achieving the perfect temperature for your reheated burrito requires attention to microwave settings. Follow these steps:

1. Set your microwave to medium power (50-70% power level).


Lowering the power level helps prevent overcooking and ensures that the burrito reheats evenly.

2. Start with a conservative time of 1 minute for refrigerated burritos or 2 minutes for frozen ones.


Remember, microwaves vary in wattage, so adjusting the time may be necessary after testing.

3. Carefully remove the plate from the microwave using oven mitts or kitchen tongs.


Be cautious as both the plate and burrito can become hot during microwaving.

Checking and Flipping

Before indulging in your perfectly reheated burrito, it’s essential to check its temperature at this point:

1. Gently touch the center of your burrito with clean fingertips to check if it is heated through.


If you find cold spots, continue microwaving in 30-second intervals until thoroughly warmed.

2. Flip your burrito over to ensure even heating by placing it seam side down on a new section of the plate, then return it to the microwave for another short burst if needed.

Serving Suggestions and Final Thoughts

Once you’ve successfully reheated your delicious burrito in the microwave, consider enhancing its flavors by serving it with various accompaniments such as guacamole, salsa fresca, or sour cream. Your taste buds will surely thank you!

In conclusion, mastering how to reheat a burrito using a microwave is not only simple but also an effective way to enjoy leftover Mexican goodness without sacrificing flavor or convenience. Just remember: preparation steps like covering for moisture retention combined with careful monitoring of microwave settings will help you achieve that piping hot, mouthwatering burrito you crave. Happy reheating!

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