Research summary:
Signal processing
The pulse processing problem.
Applied geometry
The isogeometric segmentation problem.
Differential geometry and its applications
Variational problems and ordinary differential equations in Riemannian manifolds and Lie groups.
Flag-transitive linear spaces and polynomials over finite fields.


Peer-reviewed publications

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Other publications

  1. Ó. Garay and M. Pauley,
    Lift-Off Fellowship report. Geodesics: a natural breeding ground for geometrical problems.
    Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society 40, No. 4 (2013) 261-263.


Cubics, curvature and asymptotics - Phd Thesis, The University of Western Australia, 2011.

Flag-transitive linear spaces and line spreads of projective spaces - Honours thesis, The University of Western Australia, 2006.