I Have Brig Plans

2016-04-18 08:33:15 UTC.

In the early hours of this morning I submitted my entry for the Ludum Dare 35 compo, I Have Brig Plans (play I Have Brig Plans or visit the game's Ludum Dare page). It is a puzzle game based on constructing cells for prisoners. Each type of prisoner has its own rules for how its cells can be shaped. The theme for Ludum Dare 35 is "Shapeshift" which comes in to the game quite late, when a prisoner type is introduced that can change between the other prisoner types.

I Have Brig Plans screenshot

New site

2016-04-15 15:36:23 UTC.

Welcome to the new site. The old site was just a list of all my games and papers. Now, there's all that, plus the most exciting thing of all: potential!

There are lots of improvements under the hood, which manifest primarily as a new colour scheme and the "s" in the protocol. Join me in hoping it doesn't break too quickly.